How to Thrift Like a Boss: Thrifting with a Purpose

Thrifting: Whether you love it or hate it, there's no doubting you'll find items of clothing for a largely reduced price... and who doesn't like that? However, before I got good at searching through the never-ending clothing racks at local thrift stores, I dreaded the process of sifting through clothes only to find that one hidden gem. THAT IS until I conjured up my own way of finding these hidden treasures amongst the load of loose fitted grandma attire. Here are my personal tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your thrifting experience!

#1. Get your priorities together. (aka, don't buy it if you don't like it gurl.)
#2. Sale = thrifting time! (Why pay full price? Shop on a sale day.)
#3. Have a budget. (Gurl. Do I even need to explain this one?)

I know these seem like obvious bullet points, but I sincerely never went thrifting with the mentality to actually find awesome pieces for the best price, while also not spending forever trying to find it. Once you start applying this to your already awesome thrifting strategy, fashion fireworks will happen. I promised you guys I would eventually start posting videos on my blog, and welp... today is that day!!! Bare with me as I get use to the editing and filming process, but with the help of my incredibly gifted father, we created this awesome video that goes into depth about my favorite local thrift stores and how I thrift accordingly. My dad took the time out of his rigorous law school schedule to help me film this... thank you, father! xoxo

Without further ado, here is the video! (: 

I felt so strongly about "Our Thrift Store, I wanted to share a couple more words about how they touched my heart. In Franklin, there is actually quite a few cute little thrift stores. I was surprised by this fact and only recently discovered many of them. Why may you ask? Franklin isn't necessarily known for being a cheap place haha... that's why I found it cool that the city is accommodating to all walks of life, and well, not just rich folk! That being said, I really feel this local thrift store is leaps and bounds farther then it's competing local second-hand shops. Not only do they have spectacular clothing pieces (half of my closet is from there), they are supplying our community with jobs to local kids with disability. After interviewing Dave, I was simply astounded to witness God's provision all around me.  

Dave took us on a grand tour of the very large and clothing packed thrift store. I was amazed to see the joy on the employee's faces... it was beautiful. My heart increasingly grew warm with the kindness Dave and Sandy have shown to all people. I highly recommend checking out the store in downtown Franklin if you're ever around!

"Our Thrift Store" Location: 1018 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064

Thank you, Dave and Sandy!