Songs that inspired "Good Enough"

Picture an endless shoreline with white sand, and cacti roaming the terrain, all the while standing on a lush mountainside... That is the visual I wanted to give my listeners upon first hearing my new single (: Call me crazy, but that is a literal way I described the feeling I wanted to translate to my band and producer. Whether I am sitting down to write a song, a blog post, or simple journal entry, my environment is key to what I ultimately produce. I love being immersed in nature or an element of relaxation when creating. Perhaps it's because when I listen to songs that I love, I often will attach a memory of driving on an open road, windows down, listening to it, or staring up at the trees while picnicking at Harlinsdale farm- my favorite songs become the soundtrack to a beautiful day and eternal moments.

Isn't it so interesting how songs evoke such vivid memories at times? I know when I hear 'How do you sleep' by Jesse McCartney, I remember the video and all the angst it bred into my little pre-teen heart. I remember listening to 'Tim McGraw' by Taylor Swift and also watching the video; I loved the gorgeous cutaway Taylor guitar she had, so I bought a cheaper one just like it (: These songs are attached to moments in my life I don't think I'll ever forget... (thanks Jesse)

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I wrote this song for many reasons, reasons I plan to share on a later blog post, but the musical journey of this song was just as important to me. I didn't just want to create a song for the enjoyment of 4 minutes. I wanted to create moments for people. For the girl who is getting ready to go on a date, for the couple on an afternoon Sunday drive, and for the person who is struggling with anxiety and depression, I want this song to be a reminder: before anything else, that you are good enough. PERIOD! I wanted to evoke the joy and freedom this song gave me when writing it. I wanted it to sound ethereal and vibey. Beachy, yet commercial. I wanted to achieve all the sonic goodness (: and I think we did! (or at least I hope)

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Artists that I have been listening to for years ultimately have changed my taste and approach when sitting down to write a song. One of my big influences is David Ramirez. I have been listening to him for a little over two years now and have grown such a love for his extreme honesty and tonality that transfer in both his voice and lyrics. My co-writer Jake showed me his music a while back and ever since then he has been a constant inspiration for my own songwriting. His song "Watching from a Distance" was the first point of reference for the percussion! Lord Huron has been a band that I am head over heels obsessed with... and have been for quite some time. Their artistry has encouraged me to approach my music from a more cinematic perspective; creating a song that puts a visual into ones mind is truly an art form. I wanted to do that!!! Lastly, Hazel English brought ALL the vibez. Something I appreciate more than anything about any given song is its ability to allow the listener to get lost. Sometimes tuning into what a vocalist is saying can be exhausting; I wanted to find the happy medium of Hazel English and David Ramirez, both two extremes on opposite sides of the listening spectrum. I wanted people to get lost and feel dreamy, but also understand the deeper meaning of "Good Enough".  

All in all, I love how this song sounds. I feel Ryan, my producer on this track truly nailed the musical direction. It was a very collaborative process, one that evoked happiness, anger, joy, confrontation, and both happy and sad tears. BUT I wouldn't trade it for the WORLD (: My musical child is ready to make her debut! She is more ready than ever.  

If you'd like to hear the three songs I played for my band and producer that inspired the sonic journey of "Good Enough" here is where you can do that (: 

Love you guys so much!!!!

You are good enough,

Carmen xoxo

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