I'm Back! New Branding + Website


MY SWEET FRIENDS, I’M BACK! For good this time.

And wow… CarmenBrandy.com & Six String Stories got some serious r&r, and have blossomed into new and improved beautiful online masterpieces! I am feeling so thrilled & blessed for my new lil space in the corner of the internet! I feel as if things have been given a new brush stroke or gust of ascetically pleasing air because quite frankly, I am feeling endlessly inspired by my new websites bones! Whoopee!!!!

Truly, you must all be aware, this gorgeous website filled to the brim with hand-lettered personalized logos, branding & overall rad craftsmanship, was not done by my doing! (I mean I’m talented, but not THIS talented.) It was created by the none other, Cassie Dulworth. I found this marvelous boss lady when lurking through the inter-webs one day in search of more knowledge regarding the blogging sphere. I came across one of her clients, sent an email on a whim, and BOOM, the rest is history. A very long, tedious one at that; but I wouldn't want to work with ANYONE else. Fo reals. 

carmen brandy website design
carmen brandy logo

From the moment we started collaborating, she immediately understood me. I didn’t have to go into deep, methodical verbiage about what I thought my brand was or how I wanted to be perceived, she just simply understood. Personally, I do not believe this to be a coincidence. The Lord has been leading my footsteps eerily close, giving me signs and confirmation on the daily. I think Cassie was one of those first steps for me to get my feet wet again with my creative endeavors! As many of you know, the past year was a somber one for me, but alas, this post is anything but! Why? I am feeling truly joyful again. I have healed in so many ways, and the more I talk about my pain and the fact it’s in the PAST, (erm…hallelujah for that!) the more I heal! And this new and improved website is just the icing on the cake! Also, I gotta pretty cool new friend out of all this who just happens to supply incredible content for me! Love you, Cassie!

For the re-brand, I wanted something that not only encapsulated my music extremely well; I wanted my blog to effortlessly intertwine with it too! We chose a muted blue hue color palette that allows the eye to naturally be drawn towards the content of the site, rather then unnecessary distractions. My new logo implies the visual of guitar strings for my music but also ties in with the title of my blog. Overall, I feel Cassie captured my hearts desires in a way I never knew was possible! 

neutral, muted, teal color palette
carmen brandy business cards
carmen brandy moodboard

All in all, I am feeling overwhelmed with excitement and love for my friends cheering me on every achingly painful step of the way. But the good news is, I am soaring high yet again above the mountains, peering down at the valley I just trudged up. And it feels freaking good to be me again. 

So, thank you. Thank you for being here, reading this, and hopefully loving the new and improved Carmen. Cause I sure am (: 

Once again, HUGE thanks to you Cassie, for helping me at times understand myself, haha… You are forever someone I will be grateful for. 

Please check out Cassie’s information and work below! (I promise you won’t regret it!)

Her website: Reux Design Co.
Her Instagram: Cassie Dulworth
Her Email: cassiedulworth@hotmail.com

love always,
Carmen xoxo

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