Yes! It is true! The last six months I have been preparing for this day! THE LAUNCH OF MY KICKSTARTER!!!!!!!!!!

Today in particular is significant for multiple reasons…

Reason 1: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I am now twenty years old! what! I still feel like a little child, naive and unsure about so many adult things, haha! I know that Christ is now leading me into a decade where our relationship will only deepen and grow more precious! I am so grateful for this life!

Reason 2: On this day 5 years ago, I made the move to Nashville. That decision has forever changed my life for the better. The people I have met here, the landscape of this magical place, and the love I’ve experienced from my friends & family has been nothing short of incredible!

REASON 3: Today is the official launch of my KICKSTARTER! I am making a record y’all!!!!!!! This is has been a dream in my little heart for so many years. I feel this is where the Lord has been leading me through this season, and I feel I’ve never been more ready for this step in my musical life!

I need your help! This record was written with my community, now I want to make this record with my community! IT’S TIME YALL! (:

Here is where you can give:

I love you all so much! This is a new season we are entering. Let’s do this!!!!!!!!!!

You are always good enough,

Carmen xoxo