Hi! It's Me Again

Well hello! It's me again. 

I know... It's been a while. But I'm back and ready to give y'all all the realness of my life... including the good and ugly. It's gonna get real, REAL fast. However, today I wanted to come back with a positive blog post featuring one of my favorite things in the world: fashion. I teamed up with the sweetest Instagram/Etsy jewelry maker for this quick little update post to remind you all that, yes, I am still indeed alive and well (: and I don't plan on giving up on my dreams EVER. Many of you know that I've been going through a truly difficult time in my life; but with the help of my incredible parents, close friends, and therapist, I've been making positive strides in the right direction. Thank you for your prayers. I feel the love. 

Now, onto this fabulous look (; About three months ago I contacted this amazing custom Queen/babe/goddess turquoise maker, Sondra aka "Rosewood Private Collection" who makes stunning one of a kind rings, necklaces & all sorts of unique, beautiful statement cuffs and bracelets. I couldn't help but reach out and see if she would be interested in a collaboration, and to my surprise, she was down! Needless to say, I am the biggest fan of her work and seriously adore this woman. She truly is so talented and sweet! Throughout the entire process, she asked many questions regarding my thoughts on the ring I wanted, including the style, small details and placed her flare to each intricate design. If you are looking for an array of unique pieces that will grab anyone's attention, Rosewood absolutely will have something for you! Thank you Sondra, so much! I can't wait to keep styling this regal ring. Check out Sondra and her amazing work on Instagram.

Shirt- Hot Southern Mess (Nashville Flea Market)
Belt- Thrifted
Jeans- Target
Rings- RosewoodNative Stone Collective

My best friends and I (my photographer Erika & my friend Emily) headed to another friends show wear I wore this cute little bohemian-inspired ensemble. I can't sing Target's praises enough... At this point, I probably own at least six pairs of their pants by now, haha... Maybe I'm just late to the Target party, but seriously when did they start selling adorable huge flared jeans and bellbottoms???? I don't know... All I know is I owe Target major props for keeping up with the times. Rock on Target. 

Thank you so much for checking this post out. I have many more blog posts coming your way! I am working really hard right now to make CarmenBrandy.com and SixStringStories.net amazing for you guys! I have some exciting little nuggets of awesomeness up my sleeve for this year. Though I am definitely taking things slow and focusing on my heart's well being, I have set small goals for myself. I plan on revealing a lot of these things over time on the blog. The more I heal, the more I feel better about opening up about what's been going on. Thank you to my friends... you guys have shown me love when my heart felt like it didn't deserve it. I am so beyond blessed and ready to come back stronger than ever. I love you all.