Gretsch Fever: My Favorite Guitar Brand

Founded in 1833, a fellow named Fredrick Gretsch was an immigrant from Germany who founded the world renown company we know now as Gretsch. Shortly after his arrival to the states, he started manufacturing guitars, basses and would later start selling drum kits. Gretsch's products have easily now become a staple in the professional's arsenal for touring and recording collections - Thus making this company a high demand brand. They offer reasonably priced items and then other products for those who may have a bigger paycheck... Nonetheless, you will always receive an incredible instrument regardless of the price tag. This is one of the many reasons why Gretcsh will forever be one of the most influential brands in the world. Like wine, Gretcsh gets better with time - No, but really... It's one of the oldest guitar companies in the world (: !!!

Gretcsh guitars have a very special place in my heart because it was the first instrument I ever bought completely by myself. I remember when I first purchased my electric hollow body, I was so incredibly nervous driving home with it in my trunk- So much so, I'm pretty sure I drove 30 mph under the speed limit. I'm sorry if you were the driver behind me that day... Anyway, I love this instrument!!! I surprisingly got it for a reasonable price, but sweetening up the salesman may have been a contributing factor to him giving me a good deal haha. Either way, I walked out of Guitar Center that day with an instrument that has never ceased to amaze me with beautiful tones.

A very important lesson I've learned lately is to never judge an instrument from it's brand or price tag. If you follow me on social media, I'm sure you probably read about my Gibson fiasco. I won't even bother getting into all of THAT, but I will say I'll never purchase a guitar again because of the hype. After having four malfunctioning guitars, I was kinda over having too deal with consistent problems. I knew that I wanted a reliable guitar that would sound lovely live and would also sound great in the studio. That's when I stumbled upon Gretcsh's acoustic series! I was shocked to see how many successful musicians use these guitars, and yet still the mainstream hasn't acknowledged the fact these are better quality then a lot of acoustic instruments on the market.

After doing my own personal research, I decided that these guitars were right up my alley for what I do. I play in a lot of alternate tunings and kind of needed more then one guitar. OKAY, before I go on, all my fellow musicians reading this right now know were all broke. I'll speak for myself, but I can barely fill up my gas tank and have become a champion on driving on E, yet I somehow find a way to muster up the money for instruments. Priorities, right ? What was awesome, is I had a lot of in store credit, due to returning my Gibson *cough* FOUR FRIENKING TIMES *cough*... So, with all the money from that, I purchased two amazing acoustic Gretsch guitars AND a Taylor! Side note : When all that guitar mess went down, I was extremely saddened and didn't understand why God would want to take my dream guitar away from me, but now looking back, God wanted to bless me above and beyond anything I could have wanted  or imagined. Jesus is so ridiculously cool guys and truly wants the best for us.

All I can really say, is just a simple thank you to Fredrick Gretcsh for creating such a pristine company. If you're a musician in the market for an amazing guitar, whether that be an electric or an acoustic, I highly recommend checking out these bad babies! If you'd like more information on Gretsch, here is a link where you can find that.

Thanks so much for taking the time and reading all about my favorite guitar brand! Have a lovely day (:

MusicCassie Dulworth