The Official Music Video for "Good Enough"

GUYS! I am absolutely thrilled to debut the official music video for "Good Enough" today!!!!! It is everything and more of what I envisioned for the song, so without further ado, I present to you, the visuals for "Good Enough" !!!!! 

This video makes me happy. I remember praying that God would bring me a videographer who would not only partner with me creatively and bring the visuals of this song to life, but also believed in the message this song longs to share! I wanted the video the reflect a similar vibe like the song does; ethereal, somber, yet inspiring! I wanted the storyline to be metaphorical, and not to deeply planned or detail oriented. Then I met Elliot Tolar (: We met to talk through and discuss ideas at Honest Coffee at the factory in my hometown of Franklin, Tennessee. We discovered our mutual love for super eight cameras, and how we're both baristas at good ole Starbucks! I immediately liked him and LOVED his cinematography. I had a sense of peace from the moment I sat down with Elliot to bare my heart on what "Good Enough" meant to me. He listened and suggested such beautiful ideas for the overarching theme of the music video. He wanted to execute the video in a way that wasn't so literal; He wanted there to be a sense of interpretation for the viewer with the different metaphorical elements we incorporated. Example 1: The swing metaphor. When you were a child, were you ever fearful of jumping off the swing? Meaning, you didn't know if you could land, or if you would get hurt- so you would just keep swinging, or get off the easy way. Sometimes I reflect back to the time when I wrote "All my good enough, never is"; I was often fearful of what it looked like to walk out into the unknown and heal from the components in my life that held me back from jumping. The beautiful part of it all is when I finally let go and jumped, the freedom that entered my spirit could not waver. Example 2: The baptism scene. Now to clarify this is not me publicly professing that I have now been baptized... its once again a metaphor (: When I am repeating "I've gotta let it go, of what I can't control, it's what I can't control, people come and go, I'm holding on to hope, holding on to hope" It is moment in my own personal life where I had to let go of un-healthy people, and of negative patterns in my life. I was in a sense being reborn, and recommitting myself to hope, trusting that the Lord would heal me once again. There are more metaphors tucked away in the video, but alas, I will let you all interpret them yourselves (: 


(We shot all of the water scenes on the Harpeth River in Leipers Fork!)

We filmed the video over a period of two days! The weather could have not been better! It was truly a perfect golden hour, two days in a row! I had the help of my spectacular parents, and my best friend Mason behind the scenes, and one thing I learned most definitely throughout this process, is that it is extremely convenient to have constant assistance in everything you do (: 


(Mason and I, well being, Mason and I)

The video was shot all around different parts of Leipers Fork in Franklin, Tennessee. It is a personal dream of mine to one day live there.... so I settled for now and just filmed a music video, haha... Nonetheless, it was a beautiful backdrop for the "Good Enough" vidoe. 


Alright... now what you've all been waiting for. The true star of this video is the gorgeous Grand Wagoneer Jeep! Elliot and I were in our meeting at the factory when we started throwing around ideas of incorporating some kind older vehicle. It was just two weeks before we were about to film, and I had very little hope I would find someone willing to shoot so soon, and all evening for that matter!  I kid you not, as I walked out of my meeting from the factory, this wagoneer was sitting out front! It's moments like these where I feel God truly does have a sense of humor. I figured out who the owner was, and was doubly thrilled to hear that it was Dustin Sauder, owner of one my favorite coffee shops in Franklin, High Brown Coffee!!!! I am so, SO thankful for you Dustin!!!! Your car made this video so dreamy! 


All in all, this video blesses my soul... and more importantly, this song blesses my soul! I feel the healing, the vulnerability, and encouragement in it. At the end of the day, I penned this to my heart, to remind it that it is worthy, accepted, loved, and cherished. I am a child of the King of the Universe! How can we not ALL sing about that???? 


Thank you mom and dad, Mason, Elliot, and Dustin for helping me create this beautiful video! I am so grateful for you all. Once more, thank YOU, for supporting me and reading these blog posts, and just generally caring about what I have to say, cause quite frankly, you don't have too! It means the world to know that people are interested and genuinely care (: My love for you is constant, friends!!!!!! Until next time (:

If you haven't heard it already, my song "Good Enough" is now available everywhere! 

You are good enough,

Carmen xoxo












Carmen Brandy