Falling for Folk: A Playlist for Changing Leaves

It's that time of year again!!! Changing leaves, sweaters and hot chocolate are all apart of our favorite season, Fall ! I know for me I look forward to this time of year more then any season because 1. My birthday is in October, 2. It's always the perfect temperature and 3. You can wear a leather jacket... all these components factor into making fall, one of the best times of the year in my personal opinion (: 

fall playlist folk music | carmen brandy

For me, I really do listen to music by how my day is going. It may sound silly, but my surrounding's will definitely reflect the kind of music I listen to. If it's a beautiful day and I'm happy, I'm gonna be listening to something joyful. If it's raining and I'm in a mood, most likely I'm listening to something moody. I think many of us are wired to want to hear something that reflects what we see and how we feel! And that's what this awesome playlist is all about today! I think fall is a time meant to appreciate simplicity and beauty in the small changes of our flourishing atmosphere ! That being said, Folk Music is all about simplicity and noticing small changes in lyrics and melody. I will defiantly have these songs and artist on repeat throughout the Fall and Winter and certainly hope you all do too! 

One of my favorite songs on this playlist is "You Say" By Dori Freeman. She has such a delicate, precious voice and the lyrics are simply genius. "Morgan I Might" by Marit Larsen is one of the best songs I've heard all year! Like Dori, there voices aren't huge, but the simplicity and meekness of the their tones is where their talent truly shines. Sometimes I think people mistake belting with dynamics... Just because you can sing loud with melody doesn't mean you have dynamic. The artist's on this playlist have mastered the art of this concept, and truly know how to leave the listener with wanting more. 

I put some Folk/Pop in there for the long drives on a beautiful fall day. Everyone needs a couple of those (: OKAY. GUYS PLEASE CHECK OUT COVEY. "Bows" I can already tell I'll be listening to forever! It's perfectly produced, sonically breathtaking and deep, DEEP, DEEEEP. I don't care if your in a good mood or not, it will mold to your feelings. Father John Misty is continuing to kill the game with his new single "Real Love Baby" which sounds like a song pulled straight out of a 60s filmscore.... Need I say more, I am literally in love with him. Max Jury took us all to church with his acclaimed song in the Americana community "Numb" ! I LOVE his entire record... Definitely a must-hear if your into Americana/Folk. What I adore about this playlist is all the incredible female talent! One of them being, Caroline Glaser who shattered my heart the other night while searching for new material for this playlist. As soon as I heard "I Hate that Part" I instantly clicked and understood her struggle as a musician in Nashville. Beautifully crafted and sung! I had the pleasure of meeting the effervescent Lucie Silvas about 2 years ago and her talent was undeniable then and even more so now. Her single "Letters to Ghost" pulls the stank face right outttaaa me y'all. I feel like I need to be mad at a boy for breaking my heart when I listen to it, but the closest thing I got to that is my dog and I'm never mad at him... SO WOW. There is so many good tunes on here and I hope you thoroughly enjoy listening!

listen to the playlist here

What was your favorite song ? Let me know (:I hope your fall season treats you incredibly well! 

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