The Dylan Fest Aftermath

Robert Allen Zimmerman was born today May 24th at 9 pm in Duleth, Minnesota. This day brought forth a legend that would bring the generations together with heart and a deep yearning to love one another. In honor of the master songwriter, Nashville put on the best kind of party for Dylan : A Concert.

This is not Dylan’s Fest first rodeo putting together a lineup of Bob’s closest friends, who also happen to be legend’s in their own right; It all started with a band called “The Cabin Down Below" honoring their idol at a lower east side bar in New York City. Dylan Fest has grown into a huge production playing in LA, New York, Nashville and many other famous cities and countries joining together for a night of just plain old good music (written by the very best Bob Dylan of course). If you’d like to know a little more history on how Dylan fest got started, here is the link where you can find out more

This years celebration took place on May 23rd (the night I attended) & May 24th (tonight). They chose none other then mother church herself, The Ryman Auditorium! The lineup was filled to the brim with legends, up-and-comers and incredible musicians. Every time someone would come on the stage, I was sure that was my favorite performance -  but then someone else would surprise the crowd and blow my socks off. Here are just a few of the names that decided to come out and honor Bob : Emmylou Harris, Anne Wilson, Kesha, City and Color, Boz Scaggs,  Moon Taxi, The Whigs, Tommy Emmanuel, Wynonna Jud, John Paul White and more. How is it even legal to have that much talent in the room ??????

My Favorite Momentsand Performers. Overall, the entire evening was a blur of overwhelming talent, but there was a few performances that swept me off my feet and made me feel like a I was the girl in the North country Bob was writing about (: ! My favorite performance hands down was Anne Wilson singing “Like a Rolling Stone”. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she wrote that darn song by how much passion and angst she had in her stage presence. Some of the most thrilling performers I enjoyed were Moon Taxi (They absolutely killed it) , Butch Walker and Nikki Lane (the queen of Outlaw Country of course). Some of my favorite slow and softer performances were, John Paul White (I almost fainted witnessing him yet again) , RayLand Baxter (He was so lovely) and Holly Williams (Royalty in the Music Industry). But, by far the best moment for me was meeting an idol of mine, the one, the only, EmmyLou Harris.

dylan fest.png

Let’s just get real here though, were all here honoring a man who helped pave the way for us passionate songwriters. I think it’s pretty amazing when someone makes such a significant impact on society, your very own piers honor you on the day you were born. If I was Bob I would be sobbing at the love and respect I receive on a daily basis (but that’s just me)… Thank you Dylan Fest for being the best fest out there. Happy Birthday Bob…. LONG LIVE BOB DYALN.

MusicCassie Dulworth