Welcome Home

Home can mean different things to different people. Home can be a place, a person, a feeling, home is what you make it. I’ve always associated “home” with my parents. One, because I lived with them 19 years of my life, but more importantly, my parents were the faces always smiling back at me while getting off the bus and the arms I could always run too after a long day. They were the only home I had. Although they will always hold that place in my heart, I decided that it was time to create my own sense of home. I went out on a journey to seek out an apartment in Franklin a little over four months ago. After searching for months I grew discouraged after realizing my budget was not realistic for the area I desired. I continued to seek and found an ad on Craigslist for a complex less than 5 minutes from downtown, Franklin! To make a long story short, God provided me with an incredible roommate, an apartment that is an absolute treasure, and the means to afford it. All that being said, welcome to my home! I’ve been asked on several occasions to share where I’ve purchased my furniture and I thought I’d compile a house tour and all that information into one blog post (:

Photo Aug 14, 11 36 21 PM.jpg

The moment I toured this apartment I knew I was supposed to live here. It checked all my boxes and needed little effort to look nice. When I come home after a long day I want the atmosphere to feel welcoming and peaceful. With that in mind, I was very particular with the colors I chose to decorate with. Another important decision I made was to minimize my stuff as much as I could. I kid you not, I probably got rid of half of everything I own. I knew moving would be a stressful experience, so I wanted to reduce the anxiety of not having enough space for my stuff. Only keep what brings you joy! (Marie Kondo was RIGHT y’all) The only aspect of my life I haven’t quite been able to manage is my quantity of plants. It seems as if it increases by the day sometimes. I suppose there are worse things in life to be addicted too.

Photo Aug 14, 10 20 28 PM.jpg
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The Dining Room

When you walk into my apartment the first thing you see is my dining room. I spent weeks looking for cute dining sets, but was surprisingly shocked at how expensive they can be! Also not a surprise, I had little to no money to spend on furniture. That being said Facebook market place and craigslist was my best friend for all things furniture. I would say 98% of my furniture was purchased on the marketplace or a thrift store. I was looking primarily for mid-century pieces and came across this amazing set that was newly refurbished. It is the cutest and most comfortable dining set ever and I cry every time I see it.

Photo Aug 14, 10 30 01 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 14, 10 35 38 PM.jpg

The Kitchen

This may seem silly, but I’ve always wanted granite countertops and subway tile in my kitchen. The minute I walked into this kitchen and saw the backsplash and counters, I immediately was flooded with joy and excitement to cook all the meals! Although its a smaller galley kitchen, it had all new appliance and a decent amount of storage. I am very pleased with my kitchen and have already made so many wonderful memories in it (:

Photo Aug 14, 10 36 59 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 14, 10 38 11 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 14, 10 49 07 PM.jpg

The Living Room

My living room is my favorite room in my home. It’s like a time capsule from a house in the seventies. And that’s exactly what I was going for! I wanted to keep things minimal and just fill the space with plants because I have two huge porch doors right off the living room that go out to my deck. This room gets the prettiest light and my plants absolutely love it!

Photo Aug 14, 10 48 14 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 14, 11 23 22 PM.jpg

I will forever be so proud of my father and me for fixing up this antique credenza from the sixties. About six months ago I knew I wanted to purchase one but didn’t want to spend upwards of 500 to 1,000 dollars. That being said, I probably searched every day for two months straight when I finally came across this credenza on Facebook Marketplace. It was only a hundred dollars! It had some water damage on the top and needed to be sanded down and re-finished. It also needed a new needle! It looked pretty rough when I purchased it, and my parents thought I was crazy. But within a day my dad and I managed to make it look brand new! We found a new needle and it truly sounds amazing! I am so blessed with this piece of history! You’d be surprised how nice you can make things with a little love and patience (:

Photo Aug 14, 11 07 28 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 14, 10 42 38 PM.jpg

The only thing I purchased new in this room was the couch and rug. I got my couch off of Wayfair and the rug I got on sale at Target! I think I paid 50 dollars for the rug! The coffee table set I got off Facebook Market place as well as that amazing mid-century lamp!

Photo Aug 14, 11 05 11 PM (1).jpg

The Deck

I love my porch so much! There’s not much to say here other then this is where all the plants I simply can not fit in my apartment go! (: (look at all that sansevierias growth!)

Photo Aug 14, 10 57 55 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 14, 11 04 22 PM.jpg

The Bedroom

My room is the most lovely sanctuary. This room came together so easily and is massive! My closet and bathroom are attached to my room so I love how much privacy I have! Just like every other room in my apartment, the vast majority of furniture I purchased was on Facebook Market place, Craigslist and thrifts stores. The only knew pieces I bought are the bed frame and side tables. The bed frame I got for a hundred dollars at At Home and the side tabled at Marshals! My record player stand I got off craigslist and my work desk I got on Facebook Marketplace. The mid-century dresser I found beat up once again at a thrift store in Franklin. All it needed was a good dusting and light re-painting for it to look good as new!

Photo Aug 14, 11 11 50 PM.jpg
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The first night I stayed at my apparent I felt an integral part of my life shift. I felt ownership and responsibility on a level I have never felt before. It has made me laugh at times because I never knew organizing my tupperware could make me feel so accomplished, or how exciting it was to set the air conditioning on the temperature I wanted, or how nice it is to buy the toilet paper you want! I know these things that bring me joy now will fade and become normality, but I am savoring the feeling still of being on my own and having a new sense of self. This new chapter has brought me such happiness but it has also bought pressure in the form of bills! Either way, God has yet again been the sole provider and sustainer for me throughout this season. I am eternally grateful for this home and the things God has blessed me with! I hope you enjoyed my apartment tour!

With all my love,


Carmen Brandy