Entering a New Season

In my sweet little home of Franklin, Tennessee, summer has finally come to its end, and fall has made her grand arrival! She has begun pruning the leaves and drenching them with an assortment of vibrant colors! What was once humid air, is now slowly becoming cool and crisp and quite frankly, I look forward to breaking out my collection of turtlenecks and knitted sweaters! (I know, I am an elderly woman) 

As I am pondering all the factors for what I love about fall, i.e., my birthday is in October, Thanksgiving, apple pie, hot chocolate, I am reminded of where I was last October. I was broken, aching, and in desperate need of help; I could not appreciate the splendor of fall and all that she brings to the environment purely because I was so distraught. I look at the season I am entering now, which is full of endless hope and stirrings from the Lord, and I am witnessing such intense appreciation for all that is around me. I find myself pausing in the mornings just to watch the sunrise and spend time with Jesus. I take a moment every day to be still and check in with my heart to see where I'm at. It saddens me that I allowed my problems last year to steal away the joy of admiring beauty in nature and within myself. 

When you begin to focus solely on the problems, you lose sight of the beauty. 

And believe me, It's always easier to practice this concept when you aren't in the midst of a trial- but as soon as you begin to implement this healthier outlook, the easier it will be to balance the emotions when the pain hits. Since enduring some trauma, I have set into motion this idea, where I remind myself that the hardships and trials are all the by-product of an imperfect world; that being said, I can't affect what is thrown my way, but I can control my response and how I perceive it. Instead of looking at my trial as an irrational season that will soon be forgotten, I remind myself that yes, this moment hurts like CRAZY, but I am growing... and growth doesn't always happen pain-free! 


So whatever season this blog post may find you in, please know that I am praying for us all to have peace... peace in ten-folds! I am also praying for acknowledgment towards things that aren't aching! Draw near to the joys of life, even when you are barely crossing the finish line. It is that joy that will burrow its hope deep inside of your heart that will make ALL the difference. 

So since this is the fall time, you bet I prepared a fall playlist; full of healing and encouraging music for you babes! I will leave you all with a verse of a song on the playlist called "Called me Higher" that gets me through the days sometimes (: 

"You have called me higher,
You have called me deeper,
And I'll go where You will lead me Lord"

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 Sending you love always,

Carmen xoxo

Carmen Brandy