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About Carmen Brandy

Hi, my names Carmen. I am a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. I was born in Florida where my deep yearning to sing and create music was also born! In 2015, I was accepted into a life changing program called the “GPS Project” by ASCAP where I got to participate in a year long program where I met with 12 music industry publishers like Sony ATV, Warner Chappell, and Universal Music Group. This program grew me not only as an artist and writer, but as a human as well. I learned that the music industry was incredible, but had a lot of baggage that came with it. I continued to be mentored by many amazing people on Music Row, where I truly learned the craft of writing and communicating.

At the tender age of 16, this was a life long dream that was taking place right in front of me.

Soon after, I released a single called “We Don’t Need Money” that I promoted on a month long radio tour across the East Coast to stations like IheartRadio. I later then was accepted into the prestigious Grammy Camp where only few are chosen out of hundreds to learn and be mentored for a week under grammy award winning producers and writers.

Around this time, I quickly learned that life wasn't always going to be how I wanted. Though doors were opening right and left, I experienced pain on another level in 2016 that I had never felt before; these situations ultimately catapulted me into the harsh reality of adulthood. I experienced trauma and pain which would induce a year long time of silence of me no longer using my voice for anything music related. I could not sing, and barely could come to terms with how I got to where I was. The shame and guilt I carried in my heart was so heavy that I felt life was not worth living.

This is where I made the active decision to take care of myself by sharing the pain with my loved ones and attending therapy to heal my heart.

I learned with the power of Jesus and grace, there was nothing that I couldn't do. My entire life I thought I knew who Jesus was, but my definition of Jesus was corrupted. I learned in my healing, that there is no condemnation in Jesus Christ and NO shame. The God I thought I was serving, was something I simply created in my own head while shaming my heart.

These lessons stirred within me inspiring songs and a blog to voice my thoughts on a deeper level with my friends and fans. I used this platform (SixStringStories) to connect spiritually and emotionally with people. This past September I released a new single “Good Enough” in which I share my newly discovered self-love an appreciation for grace and mercy. The song can be found on all music streaming services! I now am singing again, happy again, and growing new everyday. There is so much I have to say, but I know in time, I will have the capability of doing that either through song, or through open letter. This is my journey.

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Carmen Brandy

Owner / Writer / Musician

I’m an optimist no matter how far the pendulum may swing, I love to cook for my friends & make people smile. Oh, my sense of humor is typically laughing at my own jokes, even when they're extremely unfunny. And most importantly, my best friend for life, is my dog Presley. 


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Erika is my babe of a photographer who shoots the dreamy, cotton candy looking images y’all are seeing. Her style literally makes me envious cause she just naturally oozes babeness! She has the cutest, sweetest puppies in the world Nacho & fin, and is dating a literal rock star. She is the actual bomb (a bomb of babeness that is!)