"Let me sing to god all my life long, sing hymns to my God as long as I live! Oh, let my song please him 

Psalm 104:33


Carmen Brandy is a Singer/Songwriter and guitar player. With her authentic style, commanding vocals and songwriting talent, Brandy creates music that's unmistakably fresh and contemporary. In 2015 Brandy was selected by ASCAP to be in the prestigious program known as the GPS project. Brandy continues to meet monthly with industry professionals. Her live performance's capture the hearts of her audience with unrelenting energy and embraces each opportunity to perform. In 2016, Brandy was accepted into the highly coveted Grammy Camp in Nashville where she studied under Grammy award winning songwriters, producers and musicians. Brandy's faith that a winning attitude and message of strength and perseverance will inspire others. After releasing two self titled EP's, Brandy launched a single along with a music video entitled, "Sycamore Tree" , which has all of the elements for a unique Country/Folk sound. In November 2015 Brandy released a new single entitled "We Don't Need Money" which she promoted on radio tour across the East coast. Brandy is currently in the studio working on her next project.

"I pray that through me people can see the love of the Lord. I was put on this earth for a reason...I believe I am here to spread the message of love and joy through my music, but most importantly the love of Jesus."  Carmen Brandy