I’m a Jesus follower, musician, writer, and friend. I’m always trying to spread love whether it be with my music or on my blog! I moved to Nashville when I was 15 and have had the incredible opportunity of writing and working with lovely people at Warner Chapel, Sony ATV, and Universal Music Group to name a few! I am now 19, in college figuring out what it means to extend myself grace daily, and work with relentless passion! Whether it be in song form, or my blog, my only wish is to make you feel joy.


My music is simply my truth. My experiences have shaped what my music is today. It is deeply personal and full of encouragement and redemption to those who may be battling the difficulties of life.


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I want to talk to people who resonate with my words; listen and reply with love. My blog is a safe space where we discuss fashion, reviews and the music industry; but we also talk on harder topics such as healing, inner peace and beauty and just how big of a role self respect plays with all of it. Six String Stories is place where I make mistakes and write about them, so you don’t have to. (:


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